How The Self Employed Are Disadvantaged By The Income Test

Max Newnham - 4 Sep 2015

The income test for the age pension seriously disadvantages those s who are self-employed. A self-employed person earning $10,000 a year receives $3250 less in pension than a person that is employed. There are however ways that the impact of test can be reduced. The income test is made up of two thresholds that change each quarter. Income counted by…


Centrelink Tips And Traps With Account Based Pensions

Max Newnham - 1 Oct 2014

With the Centrelink income test changing from January 1, 2015 for account based pensions many people have recognised the value, if they are currently receiving or are entitled to the Age pension, of starting an account based pension before December 31, 2014. The problem is not everybody will be better off under the old test, and some could be worse…


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