Capital Gains Tax

End of Year Tax Planning

Max Newnham - 2 Mar 2011

Too often investors undertake tax planning as the financial year is about to finish. This is often akin to closing the tax door after the investment horse has already bolted. Tax planning is best done as part of a detailed financial plan taking account of all of your investments and liabilities, sources of income and living expenses, and the investment…


Getting the ownership of Investments right

Max Newnham - 21 Feb 2011

There are many options on how you own investments, if you make the wrong choice it can have a huge effect on how much after tax income is produced. Many people invest in their own name without a full appreciation of the tax consequences. Of even more concern are those that choose to invest through a company without a thought…


Inheriting a property can create tax headaches

Max Newnham - 16 Feb 2011

Prior to the current capital gains tax regime tax was only paid on the sale of assets that had been bought with the intention of selling them at a profit. Under this rule the scales were tipped heavily in favour of taxpayers. When the new capital gains tax system was introduced on September 20, 1985 the laws became more complicated,…


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