Business Startup Services

We are your trusted advisors, with decades of experience helping organisations set, meet, and exceed their financial goals

At TaxBiz Australia, we offer a number of business startup services to help you grow your business, maximise profits, and reduce the amount of taxes you pay. Some of the most important of these are listed below.

Choosing a Business Structure

We help you weigh your options and choose an appropriate business structure that minimises risk and maximises your tax planning options from amongst the following:

Formulating a Business Plan

We help you clarify what you want your business to accomplish by concentrating on what you want to achieve, and formulate a business plan that is centered around cash flow budgets that help keep you focused and on track.

Accessing Finance

If you need startup capital, we help you assemble and submit the financial documents required for presentation to investors and financial institutions.

Setting Up Accounting Procedures

If you don’t measure something you can’t improve it. As a result we help design and implement accounting and bookkeeping systems early in the life of your business to minimise the number of complications that arise in the future. TaxBiz Australia can suggest the best software packages, accounting systems, and bookkeeping tools for your situation, and then train you and your team to use them properly and effectively.

To make sure you don’t either pay too much for a business, or end up using a structure that means you will be paying more income tax or capital gains tax and you need to, contact us.