TaxBiz Australia has since December 15, 2015, but it has tax and accounting clients that have been with us for more than 30 years.

In 1982 Max Newnham, the founder of TaxBiz Australia, started with an entrepreneurial legal firm in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. His task was to develop a tax and accounting practice as part of the legal firm so that it could become a one stop shop for its clients.

The accounting practice, by addressing the three most common complaints people have about dealing with accountants, grew over the next seven years to be operating from three offices and employing more than 10 staff.

Those complaints are:

In 1989 Max Newnham split with the legal firm and has been operating an accounting practice since then with offices in Bayswater and Monbulk.

TaxBiz Australia has grown over the years by not only combating the three most common complaints, but by also treating its clients as people and not just numbers on a page. TaxBiz Australia is about building long term relationships with clients and in some cases we are dealing with the next generation.

Max conducted a campaign during the mid-1980s against an ATO policy that was disadvantaging people that had been made redundant and lost their jobs. This campaign resulted in legislation being passed that forced the ATO to correctly administer the taxation legislation, and led to many taxpayers receiving refunds of the tax that they had been over charged.

This focus on making sure that clients do not pay any more tax than they are required to, even when it means opposing the ATO when it incorrectly interprets income tax legislation, has been a guiding principle of the firm.

As a result of the changes made to the financial services industry during the late 1990s Max Newnham attained the qualification of a Certified Financial Planner and has become an SMSF specialist member of the SMSF Association.

This means TaxBiz Australia provides advice on all matters relating to taxation planning, business development, estate planning, retirement planning, SMSF management, portfolio construction and investment advice, and is best regarded as a GP of the financial and tax world. We can look after 95% of your tax and financial matters and, where specialist advice is required, know the relevant experts to consult with.